The Bergman Seminar for Progressive Jewish Education is an intensive 10-day program for teachers and professionals in the fields of Education and Jewish Education from around the world.

The seminar is a specially-designed educational experience through which the participants will explore professional implications and their personal connections among the basic concepts of Judaism: Connecting Land, People, State and Torah of Israel. מחברים ארץ, עם, מדינה ותורת ישראל

The faculty will include some of Israel’s finest teachers, offering an extraordinary opportunity for intellectual exploration.


July 4-14, 2019


  • $1,000 for 1 person – $1,500 for two people from same school/congregation.
  • Includes hotel, program and most meals, does not include airfare.
  • Limited subsidies available.
  • For more information, email:


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This year’s Bergman Seminar will have a new emphasis in order to enhance the potential impact of the participants’ contributions to their communities and the region upon their return home.  It is intended for any member of a WUPJ community who is involved in Jewish Education, including teachers, principals, and lay leaders.  As you may note, we are changing the name to the Bergman Seminar in Israel for Jewish Education in recognition of the significant roles of the non-professional teachers and lay leaders.


Seminar: Overarching Vision & Goals

The Bergman Seminar in Israel for Jewish Education is intended to support learning, reflection, and growth for its participants; focusing on the power of “Why?” and the importance of How?”  The rich diversity of the group coupled with the diverse planned experiences of the seminar are intended to support the participants’ exploration and written articulation of their personal Jewish identities and the place of Israel within them. As teachers, the seminar will support their applying what they are learning and experiencing to their teaching back home. As educational leaders, the seminar will support the initial planning of applying what they learned to their communities and schools back home. The seminar is relevant for part-time/full-time teachers and principals of Progressive Jewish schools, as well as lay leaders who determine educational policy for their communities.

The seminar is conducted entirely in English, so it is a basic requirement of all participants to have the ability to speak and comprehend English well.

By meeting and studying with colleagues in the field of education from around the Jewish world, seminar participants connect with Progressive Jewish communities worldwide, form powerful bonds with the State of Israel and strengthen their own educational and pedagogical skills as well as Jewish knowledge.

Participants come from communities around the world: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the United States.


The seminar challenges and motivates Jewish educators about Israel and world Jewry, creating a deep and meaningful connection to bring back to share with their students. The seminar emphasizes the four central components of Jewish existence: the Jewish people, the Torah, the State and the Land of Israel. Participants will gain knowledge about Israel as a Jewish state, a deeper understanding of Jewish history, diverse pedagogical skills and methods through learning from each other, communications skills in interacting with other cultures.

Seminar Follow-Up

The purpose of the Bergman Seminar is to allow professionals in the field of Jewish education to connect with Israel and with world Jewry on both professional and personal levels. The seminar offers a variety of approaches to engaging with Israel and Diaspora through the lens of Progressive Judaism. After the seminar, participants will return to their educational institutions and classrooms with a deeper knowledge, a stronger sense of commitment and a greater understanding of the complexity of the Jewish state and the Jewish World. Once back in their educational settings educators will employ the curricula that they developed while on the seminar.