Committees & Task Forces

The following Committees and Task Forces oversee the specific ongoing responsibilities to which they are assigned:

Committees Chair
Assets Gordon Smith - UK
Audit/Oversight Steve Bauman - USA
Budget & Finance David Robinson - New Zealand
Former Soviet Union Masha Sheinin - Russia
Fundraising Carole Sterling - Canada
Human Resources James Cherney - USA
Investment Len Teitelbaum - USA
Marketing & Communications Judy Smith UK
UN Representatives, New York Janet Stovin - USA
UN Representatives, Geneva Rabbi Francois Garai Switzerland
UN Representatives, Vienna John Clark - Austria
North American Advisory Board James Cherney - USA
(NAAB) Jane Taves - USA


Task Forces Chair
Advocacy Dr. Philip Bliss Australia
Beit Shmuel Yaron Shavit Israel
Yad B'Yad Rabbi Roberto Graetz - USA